TSGA Personal Lines Training Webinars

The ease of doing business with TSGA!

If you are unable to attend a Personal Lines Webinar you can click on the following link for Personal Lines that will show you “the ease of doing business with TSGA”.

Personal Lines recorded webinar:

Tower Hill Training:

Live training for agents every Tuesday at 1pm  Central Time/ 2pm Eastern Time

If you would like to attend our LIVE Webinar you can reserve your seat by registering online.
Please email [email protected] for the login information.

Space is limited.

If you are not subscribed to receive information on new products and markets, please email Michelle Tichenor-Mukai at [email protected].

Register today, and gather  your team to listen together or listen at your own desktop.

In one hour of training, you’ll learn to utilize TSGA’s online rating system to its fullest capability which can increase your productivity and save you time.

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